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Cen­tre Station

Mid­Coast at Cen­tre Sta­tion, Moline, Illinois



Cen­tre Sta­tion is the ground trans­porta­tion cen­ter in John Deere Com­mons, and its gallery fea­tures two artists in each bimonthly rota­tion in part­ner­ship with Metrolink.

1200 River Drive, Moline, IL



2015 Exhibits

Through Jan­u­ary
Amber Fryx­ell, print­mak­ing / artist books

I can't by Amber Fryxell

A daugh­ter of a sailor, I grew up with­out a home, bor­row­ing lives and tra­di­tions of any town the ship docked. I found com­fort in col­lect­ing books and music, look­ing for the quiet in every room. Years later I find myself ques­tion­ing the dif­fer­ence between being lonely and being alone. It would only make sense that I would turn to my old love, the book, to begin this conversation.


Laura Wein­berg, acrylic

Blissful Yellow by Laura Weinberg

Laura Gold­man Wein­berg is an inde­pen­dent artist who allows the cre­ative energy of life to dance through her onto the can­vas. Her col­or­ful expres­sions illus­trate an empha­sis on value con­trasts which cre­ate won­der­ful lin­ear move­ment and patterns.


Feb­ru­ary — March
Cory Peak, drawing

Peak Sigil Thug by Cory Peak

Although I cre­ate with­out inten­tion of a spe­cific out­come, gen­er­ally, I always try to encour­age oth­ers to be self-expressive, to cre­ate, to do what they can with what they have (you don’t have to be wealthy or ‘well edu­cated’ to express your­self), and to let what­ever may be inside of them out into the open to help them­selves grow and per­haps help oters see things they might not have oth­er­wise, and if noth­ing else to have fun!


April — May
Pamela Ohne­mus, acrylic

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